Voluntary collaboration

The Work of Charity

Freiwillige MitarbeitBruno Gröning wanted to bring people together in harmony. Repeatedly he reminded them of the command of charity. "You should know that you belong together. You should love your neighbour as you love yourself. It is my wish, and my will for this to happen, for people to connect again so they can all receive the chance for help."

Most people come to the community driven by the wish to get their health back. But with the Heilstrom not only health will be attained, but there will also come a more intense feeling for life. The heart opens up, security, peace, and joy flow through and an unexpected love for life fills the soul. Because of these feelings, many of the healed people have the urge to pass on their newly found happiness. They want to help with the work of Bruno Gröning, so other people will get the chance for healing and inner change.

The work of Bruno Gröning is an act of charity. Just as he never wanted money for healing, also today no payment is made for work in the Circle of Friends. Every activity in the Circle of Friends is voluntary. Only out of pocket expenses like hall hire, production and dispatch of schooling material are reimbursed.

Bruno Gröning always pointed out that God is love and it wants to work through the human being. But you can’t pay for true love nor have it paid; it’s a heavenly gift. If it prevails in human relationships, freedom on earth will be achieved.

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