Healing from marihuana abuse

K. P. (28), Tiraspol (Moldavia)

Several physical afflictions made my life difficult. From the age of seven I suffered from pain when walking because of flat feet. Since 1990 I had a chronic cough and since 1992 I often had sinus headaches. Around that time a numb feeling in my left leg occurred when I was sitting down. In the beginning of 1996, difficulties when urinating because of an inflammation of the prostate were added to all that. Since 1992 I escaped into smoking marijuana about twice a week. Within two years I finally used this drug several times a day. I grew ever more depressed, was afraid of every day life and got aggressive. I thought about suicide.

In August, 1996, I was introduced to Bruno Gröning's teaching. Right after that I could stop smoking marijuana. Once again I enjoy every day. The physical ailments have disappeared.

Psychologist's commentary:

Mr. P. smoked marijuana extensively for two years after two years of escalation. Obviously his physical afflictions in connection with thoughts about suicide drove him to use the drug. After attending a conference of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, Mr. P. was spontaneously freed from using marijuana. His fears and depression, his tendency to aggression and the feeling of "wearing a mask" disappeared as well. Since the spontaneous healing without withdrawal syndromes, Mr. P has not taken any psychotropic substances anymore. Furthermore, he is healed from his physical ailments. This progress cannot be explained with psychological knowledge.
P.W.L., Psychologist


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