Healings of shoulder pain

Healing from shoulder pain

Rita Kirsinger (55), Germany

In early April, 2005, I started suffering from continual shoulder pain and could hardly move my right arm. On April 4, 2005 I was admitted to the Ravensburg Hospital to receive a "port" (vein access point). During the small operation on the front of my right shoulder a tendon was damaged to the extent that I could no longer move my arm and had pain from then on. I was able to do only the most necessary housework, and my husband always had to help me dress and undress. For this pain I was given "Novalgin" and "Arthotec-forte", which only occasionally helped for about half an hour. Otherwise, the pain was always there. The doctors determined that there was an inflammation of the right shoulder.

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Healing of arthritis of the shoulder

Mrs H. K. (78) Heidelberg (Germany)

In May 1991, while sitting and knitting, I experienced a knife-like, stabbing pain in my right shoulder. The orthopaedic surgeon established that my shoulder joint was inflamed and prescribed six hot-air massages. These made my condition worse. I was in pain when I moved my arm, and at night I had pain in my shoulder when I lay down.

In August 1991, through the teachings of Bruno Gröning, I learned to tune in regularly to the healing stream. Nine weeks later I was completely free from pain.

Healing of chronic pain and restricted mobility of the left shoulder after an accident

Mrs A. G. (60), Passau (Germany)

My left shoulder was injured in an accident. Despite three weeks in hospital and considerable therapeutical assistance, (injections, tablets, physiotherapy and ointments) my arm and shoulder remained severely handicapped and painful. The doctors established: atrophy of the ball-and-socket joint, a torn ligament, muscular atrophy of the arm, and changes in the collar-bone. Because of my restricted movements, I was granted a partial pension for 20 % disability.

Ten years later I learned of the teachings of Bruno Gröning. While I was being introduced, the pains began to change. Six months later I noticed a slight improvement, and after a year both arms were fully mobile.


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