Healings of hardness of hearing and deafness

Chữa lành sau 14 năm bị điếc tai trái

Alina Bąk (55), Ustka (Ba Lan)

Vào năm 1994, trong thời gian nằm viện, tôi bị nhiễm trùng tai giữa bên phải và khi xuất viện vẫn chưa được lành hoàn toàn. Khi xem ti vi vào buổi tối, tôi đã yêu cầu con trai tôi bật to âm thanh vì tôi khó có thể hiểu được bất cứ điều gì. Con trai tôi nói rằng âm lượng đã được mở rất to. Điều đó làm tôi ngạc nhiên bởi vì cho đến lúc đó tôi đã luôn nghe rất rõ. Vì vậy đầu tiên tôi tháo bông trước đó tôi đã nhét vào tai phải của tôi – bên tai mà sau đó vẫn bị viêm – và xác định rằng tôi đã lại có thể nghe được. Việc đó cho thấy có gì đó không ổn với tai trái của tôi.

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Heilung von Mehlstauballergie, Tinnitus, Schwerhörigkeit, Mittelohrentzündung und -eiterung, Stirnhöhlen- und Nasennebenhöhlenentzündung

Healing from allergy to flour dust, tinnitus, hardness of hearing, purulent otitis media, frontal and paranasal sinusitis

Peter Ettinger (55), Manching (Germany)

When I look back on the many decades of illness I often wonder, "How were you able to stand it?" The continual knee and back pain and the severe allergy to flour dust that rendered me incapable of working. Yes, and then there was the noise in my ears from childhood on - the tinnitus - and then the 50 years of ear aches and the 30 years of chronic sinusitis shouldn't be forgotten. It's easy to talk about, but you have to have experienced - better, suffered - it to understand my gratitude for being able to be well now - well through the teaching of Bruno Gröning, well through an energy, the existence of which I wouldn't have believed years ago - the Heilstrom.

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Heilung von Schwerhörigkeit im linken Ohr

Healing from partial deafness of the left ear

Uschi Eckes (60), Düsseldorf (Germany)

At the age of four I pierced my eardrum with a hairpin. My left ear festered continually and until I was 16 my middle ear and auditory canal became inflamed once a month. Often I couldn't go to school because of the severe pain and wasn't allowed to participate in swimming.

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Healing from hardness of hearing in the right ear and tinnitus

Mr. L. (32), Singapore

At 14 years of age (1990), I listened to loud music on a Walkman every day. After about half an hour I could no longer hear well in my right ear. I noticed it especially when telephoning. I ignored it, but did stop listening to loud music with the headphones. The hardness of hearing in my right ear remained unchanged. I heard nearby sounds as if the noise were far away. In the year 2005 I started listening to loud music again. During this period a permanent high whistling began in both ears, a little more right than left. It was very unpleasant. Since it didn't seriously interfere with my daily life, however, I didn't go to the doctor.

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Heilung von Schwerhörigkeit nach Hörsturz

Jürgen B. (53), Deutschland

[1] In meinem linken Ohr hatte ich seit mindestens fünf Jahren eine Schwerhörigkeit, welche mir erst nach und nach auffiel. Im täglichen Leben kam es immer wieder vor, dass mich jemand ansprach und ich immer erst nach wiederholtem Ansprechen reagierte. Beim gemeinsamen Fernsehen verstand ich nicht, was gesagt wurde, und musste darum bitten, den Ton lauter zu stellen. Meine Verlobte, die ich vor viereinhalb Jahren kennenlernte, machte mich wiederholt darauf aufmerksam, ich möge doch bitte einmal zum Ohrenarzt gehen.

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Healing of harm due to birth injury (forceps delivery)

Mrs R. G. (32), Cologne (Germany)

When I was born I was delivered by forceps and suffered inner ear damage. Since then I have had labyrinthine deafness on both sides. Doctors told me the damage was inoperable. I could not hear birds twittering, leaves rustling, or cars passing by. My classmates commented ironically: "We have to tell her everything three times." I had about 35% hearing on the right side and 20% on the left. The audigram measured a loss of hearing on the left up to 60 dB (decibels) and on the right up to 80 dB. I was urgently advised to get a hearing aid but this I did not want.

In November 1989 I came to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends and regularly tuned in to the healing stream. In January 1993 I suddenly experienced strong pressure on both ears and could hear cars passing in the street with my left ear. I had never heard them before. Also, for the first time in my life I could hear faint noises. A month later I could hear normally on the right side. To the amazement of my ENT specialist, a new test confirmed my hearing ability. Since then I have been a normal human being and no longer an outsider.

Healing of deafness after sudden onset of sensorineural deafness

Mr J. B. (53), Hamburg (Germany)

From 1987 I suffered from impaired hearing in my left ear, which I realised only gradually. In 1991 I went to an otologist who told me my problem was the result of sudden deafness. He advised me to get a hearing aid.

About two months after my introduction, in August 1991, I repeatedly heard a loud crackling in my left ear. A few weeks later I noticed that I could hear equally well in both ears. A renewed hearing test given me by my doctor confirmed that I had regained my full hearing ability.

Healing of deafness of the left ear

Mrs V. S. (50), Tiraspol (Moldova)

From 1991 onwards my hearing began to fail and my work as switchboard operator became more and more difficult. Despite medical intervention, my condition deteriorated until I could hear nothing. My doctors gave me to understand that no recovery was possible.

In December 1994 I heard about the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends and began to absorb the healing stream regularly. Already two weeks later I could hear normally and this was confirmed by a control test. My doctor could not explain this.


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