Eye witness G. Clausen

Liberation from leg pain that had lasted many years

Bruno Gröning auf dem SofaIn the 1950’s, I used to live near the Uetersen air base. One day Bruno Gröning walked past our window, and my children drew my attention to him. We knew Mr. Gröning from the newspaper. When I saw him at the window, I thought to myself, "Where is he going?'' When I saw him going into my neighbour's home, I ran over to her and knocked on the door. I learned that my neighbor was Bruno Gröning`s sister. I was invited into the kitchen and allowed to take a seat at the table opposite Bruno Gröning. His sister sat between us at the long side of the table. Bruno Gröning told me to sit comfortably, not to cross my arms and legs, and to pay attention to what I was feeling. He said to me, 'Take in as much of the healing stream as you can.' And then I felt, to my astonishment – for he was sitting at the other end of the table from me – a sort of breeze in the palms of my hands, as if somebody was gently blowing into them; I am prepared to swear to this. And then suddenly and unexpectedly, his sister felt pains in her leg and cried out, "Ow, ow, ow!"

And I was thinking, "But that is my pain, which has always tortured me." For years it had felt to me as if my leg did not belong to me, as if it was only glued on. No medical treatment had been able to relieve me of this condition.

I called out loudly, “But those are my pains! I have them all the time!" Bruno Gröning only said one word: 'Had!' At that moment the pain left his sister, and my leg felt totally normal again. I was free, without pain; my leg belonged to me again, and from that moment I no longer had a limp. I was healed and have remained so.

Bruno Gröning did not ask for money. On the contrary, he gave me a sheet of tin foil, with "God's blessing wherever you go" written on it. The visit lasted half an hour. Afterwards I walked back to my home, completely healed."


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«Το φαινόμενο Bruno Gröning»

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