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The Grete Häusler Ltd publishing house makes the teaching of Bruno Gröning publicly accessible

GH-VerlagShortly before he passed away Bruno Gröning said he wanted to write a book. However, it never came to that. Only the title, outline, and a written paragraph are preserved in the archives. In 1984 Grete Häusler, a healed person, longstanding collaborator of Bruno Gröning and founder of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, began to write a book of the kind intended by Bruno Gröning, entitled Here is the truth about Bruno Gröning. She took over the title and outline mentioned above and reported comprehensively about the events around the "miracle man" - as he was called by the contemporary press.

When she was unable to find a publisher, she had to found her own publishing company. Thus, Grete Häusler Publishing house came into being with a single book. Today it has a comprehensive selection of books, CDs, DVDs, audio books, calendars, art cards and also a quarterly magazine that is offered in its Internet shop present.

The aim of the publishing house is defined as follows: "Grete Häusler Ltd Publishers has taken on the task of bringing the teaching and person of Bruno Gröning closer to the general public in order to give all interested people the opportunity to convince themselves of the great work of Bruno Gröning."

Income from the publishing house is used to make possible new publications, editions and acquisitions.

All employees of the publishing company work on a voluntary basis.

In addition, the publishing house and Circle of Friends are clearly separated financially.



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