Public benefit organization

The “Kreis für natürliche Lebenshilfe e.V.” (Circle for Natural Aid in Life) is a recognized public benefit organization and its activity is charitable

GemeinnuetzigkeitThe “Kreis für natürliche Lebenshilfe e.V.” is an entity representing the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in all administrative and legal matters and is registered in the District Court in Siegburg. In Germany, the “Kreis für natürliche Lebenshilfe e.V.” is a recognized charitable and public benefit organization.

Honorary and non-paying

In the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, no entry fees, membership contributions or other financial demands are made. All tasks in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends are fulfilled, as by the example of Bruno Gröning, exclusively from voluntary contributions and unpaid assistance of the friends out of gratitude for help and healing they have experienced. Thus, in the Grete Häusler Ltd. company there is no pay, no royalties or profit of any kind, not even for Dieter Häusler, the Director of the work in its entirety. The example for this is the selfless love for his fellow man of Bruno Gröning who said "I live not from the people but for the people."

Ever since the smallest beginnings of the Circle of Friends all donations and expenses in every community are thoroughly accounted for and checked. Any residual amounts are collected and applied to various tasks, mainly for the regular production of schooling material for German and foreign friends, distributed at no charge and equitably, without considering the donation income from the various communities and countries.



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