Healing from chronic edema and left-sided sciatica

Krystyna Labuda (65), Warsaw (Poland)

Krystyna Labuda (65), Warschau (Polen)

In November, 2004, Krystyna Labuda was offered a role as dubbing-speaker in the Polish version of the documentary film on Bruno Gröning. Thus she actually came in contact with the Circle of Friends while "studying for her role". She tells: "Thirty years ago, as a young woman, I twisted my right foot, but didn’t go to the doctor. I later regretted this negligence. Whenever I had to carry something heavy or climb many stairs my foot and ankle would swell up and become red. Although it didn’t hurt it was very unpleasant. The two surgeons that I visited determined that I had let the ailment go too long and that treatment would no longer be effective. Even the circulatory problems that had been foreseen for me appeared. It was as if the foot that I saw there didn’t belong to me - it felt as if it were dead. Thus, I learned to live with it.

It got even worse

In September, 2004, pain began to radiate from the center of my buttocks downward into my left leg, causing me a difficult time. It hurt so badly that I began to limp. Even the slightest stress would cause the pain to start. At this time I was also unable to sleep normally because whenever I moved or turned I felt an especially severe pain. The doctor diagnosed left-sided sciatica. In spite of various therapies my condition became even worse. Thus, in the last months before my introduction I was unable to walk unrestrictedly. People at a cemetery said that I walked like an old woman. And as an actress I was very concerned with my outer appearance and looked considerably younger than my age would suggest.

Life returns

After my introduction to the teaching of Bruno Gröning in January, 2005, I remained for the following community hour. Suddenly a severe pain shot through my whole right leg. It was so unbearable that I was able to endure it only with great effort. The pain brought tears to my eyes. I had a feeling as though someone was forcing something like a toothbrush through my veins. In my previously numb foot I felt a strong pulsing and a tingling running up through the whole leg.

Free from pain

When I stood up after the hour and left the hall I no longer limped. But I didn’t really notice it until the next day when I went walking with my dog. I was healed from the sciatica and had no more pain in my left leg! At this moment it occurred to me that I had turned over to the other side without difficulty during the night and had gotten easily out of bed. The complaint in my right foot, too, disappeared in a few days and the blood circulated normally again.

Richly blessed

I actually experienced as a "Bruno Gröning Friend" the very thing I wanted to study about in preparation for the recording of the Polish language version of the documentary film on Bruno Gröning in Cologne. There I had the opportunity to get to know a large number of nice people. Today it is still incredible to me that I found my health again in such a way."

Medical commentary:

Two illnesses are described here. The first was caused by an injury 30 years ago that damaged the right ankle joint resulting in swelling and disturbance of circulation in the right foot. The second was left-sided sciatica that remained for about four months. I am astonished that virtually the first contact of Krystyna Labuda with the teaching of Bruno Gröning led to the complete healing of two illnesses simultaneously. Especially astonishing for me is the fact that the swelling of the foot and the chronic circulatory and sensation disturbances of over 30 years’ duration simply disappeared of their own accord in a few days. The connection between the healing and absorption of the Heilstrom is incontestable here, as Krystyna Labuda has so vividly described in her success report. The spontaneous healings from the two chronic illnesses are inexplicable from a medical point of view.


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