Healings of athlete’s foot

Healing of tinea pedis (athlete's foot)

Mrs G. K. (19), Cologne (Germany)

From the beginning of 1988 I had extremely itchy little blisters between my toes. When I put my feet in water the blisters swelled and burst. At first I tried to doctor them with home remedies. Eventually I had to go to my doctor who diagnosed athlete's foot and prescribed ointments which I used for about a month. They stopped the symptoms but did not heal the area properly. Three months later the problem recurred and it was worse than before. The skin between my toes came away. After this I wore stockings because I was terrified that somebody would see my feet.

A friend told me about Bruno Gröning's teachings. Shortly after my introduction, in July 1989, scabs formed on the affected areas. Four days later my feet had healed and after eighteen months I could at last go swimming again.

Healing of tinea pedis (athlete's foot)

Mr W. H. (39), Lüneburg (Germany)

Between 1966 and 1969 I was in hospital because of an onychitis (inflammation of the matrix of the nail). There I contracted athlete's foot. This persisted for years and often was so bad that the raw flesh showed through and blisters formed on the balls of my feet. No ointment helped. I had to learn to live with the condition.

A year after my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning, in August 1987, the fungus had disappeared and has never returned.


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