Healing from hemiplegia and severe speach disturbance

Nikolai Gontschar (66), Koktschetau (Kazakhstan)

Nikolai Gontschar (66), Kokschetau (Kasachstan)After a stroke in 1987 I suffered speech disturbances, headache, dizziness, cramps and leg pain. I couldn't walk for more than five minutes and could hardly speak. My right arm and right leg were paralysed. I was plagued by memory loss and had difficulty understanding things people explained to me.

Hospitalization and diagnosis

In the above-mentioned condition I was admitted to the neurological department of the local hospital. I was bedridden and required care. After three months without improvement I was moved to the neurological department of a scientific research institute. There the doctors diagnosed a cerebral infarction brought about by a narrowing of the cerebral blood vessels.

Operation and further diagnosis

In 1990 I had a carotid artery operation, but there was no improvement in the paralysis or speech disturbance. So I was dismissed in the same condition I had when I was admitted. In the same year they discovered a malignant tumor, but they didn't want to operate because of the paralysis. During this same period, the Soviet Union disintegrated and the institute received no more money from the Kazakhstan government. I was sent home. My condition was really terrible. The doctors didn't tell me that I had lung cancer, and I only learned of it later from my wife at home. I went to a surgical clinic in my home town. There I had two radiation series and four chemotherapy treatments. Yet the tumour continued to grow and I was already coughing up blood. In 1992 the doctors operated on my lung. The findings of the pathologists were a keratinizing epithelial carcinoma of the right superior pulmonary lobe of the lung.

The beginning of my worst time of suffering

The operation wounds didn't heal, but remained open and caused unbearable pain. Therefore I couldn't sleep - even the morphine shots didn't help. I often had an incomprehensible fear and was afraid to stay at home alone. In the summer of 1997 I hardly ate anything at all any more, only drank water and went down to 48 kilos (about 106 lb.). One day my whole body was seized by cramps. My wife called the emergency doctor, who gave me an anaesthetic, which, however, didn't take effect. The doctor called my wife into the next room. I didn't know what they were talking about, but felt that it wasn't good. I fell to the floor and began to cry, asking God for forgiveness and help. My condition grew worse and worse.

The turning point came!

I asked God day and night for help. One day we read in the newspaper "Majak" that there was going to be an Introductory Lecture on the teachings of Bruno Gröning. So in October, 1997 we went to it. But I couldn't really believe that I could be helped.

First reactions

Already in the Introduction I felt a tingling that went from my toes up to my fingers. In the community hour that followed my hands began to itch and burn. I got pain in my whole body and the operation wounds hurt. The pain was sometimes so severe that I lost consciousness. After that it let up. At the next meeting in the community It was so bad that I fainted. When I came to, I was soaked in sweat and waves of energy went from my feet throughout my body. It seemed as though my hair was standing on end. I felt light and pleasant. The pain wasn't completely gone, but I felt it far away. I wept with joy.

The healing process

It got better day by day. When I "tuned in" at home, and during the community hours the pain increased, but then almost fully disappeared again. Gradually I was able to sleep without pills and began to eat with a good appetite.

Within three months the three lung operation wounds had healed up. After the third community hour I required no more pills. The pain that had tormented me for years had simply disappeared.

During the six months after the Introduction I was soon able to lift my arm again and move my leg. I got better day by day. After the six months were over I was fully well. After not being able to walk for12 years, I was once again standing firmly on two feet. The language disturbance and all the other impediments also disappeared within this time period. Today I can speak fluently again and can comprehend everything with no problem.

I was granted a third healing

For 23 years I had been tortured by stomach- and duodenal ulcers. I took pills, had regular medical treatment and had to follow a diet. After the third community hour I got increased abdominal pain, which then gradually disappeared again. Since then I can once again eat everything, don't have to follow a diet, and weigh 85 kilos (187 lb.) again. Since then I have had no more complaints in this regard.

Medical commentary:

From 1987 on, Mr. Gontschar suffered from the effects of a stroke with paralysis of the right side, speech disturbance and a diminishing of memory function. I have the hospital reports from the years 1989 and 1990, which I have translated as well as I could. These reports confirm his statements and further state that Mr. Gontschar also had dysphagia (a deviation of the tongue to the right) through paralysis of the corresponding cerebral nerves. There was narrowing (stenosis) of the internal carotid artery on both sides and of the vertebral artery on both sides. Three years after an operation on the arteries there was still no change in the condition of the paralysis from a medical point of view. In my opinion, this operation was carried out to prevent further cerebral infarctions. Mr. Nikolai Gontschar tells of his regular absorption of the healing force according to the teachings of Bruno Gröning from October 1997 on. During the absorption of the healing force he felt increased pain in his right arm and right leg which he attributed to the effect of the healing force. His energy increased overall and six months later he felt healed. This healing of a paralysis of ten years' duration after cerebral apoplexy is not medically explicable. It is obvious that a miracle has occurred here. I would like to add that I have spoken with the physician for internal medicine in Koktschetau, Dr. Koltunowa, who had conducted the follow-up examination on Mr. Gontschar, and she is also very impressed by this healing.

I personally met Mr. Gontschar in May 2000 in St. Petersburg and visited him in Kazakhstan in November 2000. I was not able to observe any paralysis or speech disturbance.

Here it is a matter of wounds that failed to close after a lung operation and radiation treatment for lung cancer. We have no written findings. According to the oral statements of Dr. Koltunowa it is a matter here of fistulization after the above-mentioned therapy. >From 1992 to 1997 no medical treatment was carried out except for daily changing of the bandages on the discharging wounds. Analgesics and morphine brought insufficient relief of the complaints. After the third community hour in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends Mr. Gontschar no longer needed painkillers, and within three months the wounds which had existed for five years had closed up. This healing, too, is for me inexplicable and is to be regarded as a miracle.

The healing of chronic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum with characteristic complaints of 23 years duration is very unusual and can also be attributed to the effect of the Healing Stream.

B. S., M. D., Berlin



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