Eyewitness L. Schlüter

Healing from deafness, blindness, paralysis, in Herford. Gröning's energy said more than a thousand words

01-Menschen-am-Wilhelmsplatz7Herford, a town in Westphalia, was where Bruno Gröning’s work began on a large scale, and where the press issued the first reports of what was happening there. Thousands of people seeking help came from near and far to experience healing. Among the crowds stood Mrs. Schlüter and her blind mother-in law. The latter was physically very weak and always needed help with her daily washing and getting dressed.

Mrs. Schlüter reported as follows: “I learned about the many healings from a magazine. The pictures showed what was happening in Herford, and I said to myself, you must go there with your mother-in-law!

Packed like sardines in a tin, we stood among all these people in front of house number 7 in Wilhelmplatz. On our right there were around 30 people in their wheelchairs. We all waited and waited. Nobody spoke. Everyone was in suspense and kept looking up to the balcony where Bruno Gröning was to appear. It was already very late in the evening when somebody came out on the balcony to pacify us. He said Bruno Gröning was still busy with other people needing help. ‘Be patient! Bruno Gröning will definitely come!’ And so we waited. Three days and three nights.

Suddenly Bruno Gröning was there, and everyone was overjoyed. He began to speak, telling us that we all needed help and healing and God was the greatest doctor for all mankind. Then he called on the paralyzed people to get up from their wheelchairs. ‘You can walk! Get up!’ Nobody moved. Again he encouraged them to have faith in God and stand up. ‘Just believe that you can do it; stand up!’ Then, one after the other, they stood up. They could walk! Nobody could believe what they saw. We were all speechless. People began to cry when they saw it.

Then Bruno Gröning said, 'I would like everyone who is blind and deaf-mute to come to the front door of the house.’ So we went there and he spoke to these people, also to my mother-in-law. He took a two-year-old girl from her mother’s arms. She was deaf-mute. Mr. Gröning stroked the child and spoke to her. Then he held a tuning-fork to the child’s ear. She turned her head towards it. It was quite obvious that the child could now hear. Another child recovered his sight. These were the most moving scenes I’ve ever seen in my life.

Later we went home. My mother-in-law had recovered her sight to the extent that she could move freely around her house on her own. Her general condition also improved, and she no longer needed the daily help with dressing and washing that she’d had to have before.

Bruno Gröning was simply dressed, like everyone else, but he radiated love like nobody else. One could trust him immediately. His energy said more than a thousand words.”


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