Childhood and Youth

Beaten, ridiculed, misunderstood, accepted – a child different from the others

Bruno Gröning wurde am 31. Mai 1906 in Danzig-Oliva als viertes von sieben Kindern geboren

Escape into nature from his hard-hearted surroundings: "Here I experienced God"

Bruno Gröning was born on 30 May 1906, in Gdansk-Oliwa, the fourth of seven children of August and Margarethe Gröning. His parents soon became aware of their son's extraordinary abilities. For example, animals normally considered shy, such as rabbits and deer, spontaneously came to him without fear, to be petted.

As Bruno Gröning grew up, his environment seemed more and more alien to him. Gröning explained that sometimes he was beaten black and blue at home. The beatings, as he said, did not hurt his body, but he felt misunderstood.

Repelled by the hard-heartedness of his surroundings, the young Bruno took refuge in nature. He felt more drawn to animals, trees and bushes, than to some people. He often disappeared into the nearby forest for hours.

"Here I experienced God, in every bush, in every tree, in every animal, yes even in the stones. I could stand and take it all in for hours – time seemed to have no meaning – and it seemed to me as if my inner being expanded into infinity."

He never participated in the wild brawls of his peers. Therefore, he was often ridiculed for being different and was beaten and punished.

Welcome healings of people and animals

With time, an aspect of Bruno Gröning which would later bring him into the limelight became known. In his presence, people and animals would become well. Especially during the first World War, he often visited the military hospitals, where people were happy to see him. The wounded felt good in his presence, and many became healthy. Also, sick people would send for his mother, requesting that she visit them with little Bruno. In the family and among acquaintances, the boy's healing ability was willingly accepted.

Striving for independence

Bruno Gröning wrote in his biography: “Even as a small child, sick people were freed of their symptoms in my presence, and when they were worked up or quarreling, children and grown-ups alike would become calm and peaceful as a result of a few words from me. Also, as a child, I noticed that animals, which normally are considered shy or even dangerous, were good-willed and tame around me. My relationship to my family home, in contrast, was strange and tense. I strove very early for complete independence, in order to free myself from this environment of ‘misunderstanding’ within my family.”


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