The Gröning Association

Hoping to be able to work freely through the Association

Bruno Gröning haelt eine Gemeinschaftsstunde abIn order to reach as many people as possible, despite the healing ban, Bruno Gröning had established communities at the beginning of the 1950's. There he simply held lectures and directed all his efforts to imparting his knowledge to help seekers.

Legal protection and renowned management

On November 22, 1953 in Murnau/Seehausen, he established the umbrella organization, the Gröning Association. The Association was intended to be entered in the Register of Associations and to offer Bruno Gröning legal protection for his work. Thus further conflict with the Non-Medical Practitioners Act would be avoided.

The committee of the Gröning Association consisted of, among others, Count Zeppelin, Count Matuschka, Anny Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach, senior engineer Hermann Riedinger and manager Konstantin Weisser, as well as at the beginning, co-founder, Rudolf Bachmann, with whom though, the association soon parted company. Bruno Gröning was President for life.

The secretary’s desire for profit takes precedence over the well-being of the sick

The secretary of the Association was the journalist and lecturer Egon Arthur Schmidt from Heidelberg. Even in Herford, he was a close aide to the “Miracle Doctor” and had founded the association Ring of Friends of Bruno Gröning. It did not function the way Bruno Gröning wished and was disbanded after a short time. Gröning distanced himself from Schmidt at that time, because he had embezzled donations.

In 1952, Schmidt turned again to Gröning and declared that he had recognized the error of his ways. He asked to be allowed to help in the development of the work, and Bruno Gröning took him on as a co-worker once again. This gave Schmidt the chance to show whether the well-being of the sick was really close to his heart, or whether he was simply interested in his own financial advantage.

In 1955, Bruno Gröning permanently parted ways with Schmidt, because the latter had not changed his attitude. He again tried to profit from Gröning's abilities. Schmidt brought several lawsuits against Gröning after the separation. He wanted payment after the fact for his voluntary work.

Who is there for whom – the association for Gröning's work, or Gröning’s work for the association?

Konstantin Weisser and Hermann Riedinger jointly assumed the role of Managing Director. This appeared very promising, because they were very experienced, and their background could be used very much to Bruno Gröning’s advantage. There remained, though, the danger that they would consider themselves superior to the simple worker and act against his will, since he wasn't as educated as they.

Over time, matters did develop in this direction, and it became increasingly difficult for the two men to accept anything that Bruno Gröning said to them. They appeared completely to have forgotten, that the Association not only carried Gröning’s name, but also had been brought into existence for him. For them, the Gröning Association became more and more an end in itself. They lost sight completely of his central goal: to help the suffering. It appeared that they had lost sight of the fact that the healings were made possible through Gröning, and not through the Association.

So the Gröning Association developed more and more into the opposite of what it should have been. For the man whose name it bore, the Association became a prison, which instead of setting him free, restricted him more and more.


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