The “Gröning Phenomenon” and science

Medical scrutiny in Heidelberg promises written certificate

BrunoIn this time period in Herford medical specialist contributors of the magazine Revue, began studying Gröning’s healing success. Professor Dr. H.G. Fischer, a psychologist from Marburg, traveled to Herford with a special staff of correspondents. There he held interviews with healed people and had to confirm, much to his own astonishment, that Gröning’s “method” was truly a success. As a result, the Revue, decided to help attain a scientific explanation for the “Gröning Phenomenon.” The “healing method” of the “Miracle Doctor” was to be researched at the University Clinic of Heidelberg.

Bruno Gröning agreed to Fischer's proposals because Fischer promised to give him a positive expert testimonial, should things go well. Gröning hoped that he had found a way to work in freedom.

Healings before the doctor’s eyes - "Bruno Gröning is no charlatan"

The investigations began on July 27. The people on whom he was to prove his skills were selected from the over 80,000 sick people who had written to him for help. In addition, there were several patients from the Ludolf Krehl Clinik in Heidelberg. They were all given thorough examinations, and exact diagnoses were established. They then came to Gröning, who used his ‘method’ on them. Doctors were present the whole time. They were witnesses to the fact that some illnesses spontaneously disappeared. Afterwards, examinations in the clinic confirmed the healings. Even incurable illnesses such as ankylosing spondylitis were healed.

In a report, reproduced in the Revue, Dr. Fischer states emphatically that Bruno Gröning is no charlatan, rather a naturally gifted doctor of the soul. In so doing, he tried to explain the “Gröning Phenomenon” from his point of view, without really doing him justice.

Gröning forbids profiteering

The final certificate granting Gröning permission to heal, was to be issued after all the results were evaluated. Bruno Gröning was assured that the way would be cleared for him once and for all to continue with his work. In the meantime, Dr. Professor Fischer and Professor Weizäcker (who were responsible for the whole exercise) made Bruno Gröning the following proposal: they wanted to build healing centers, in which he would work side by side with doctors. The doctors, however, were to be responsible for managing and selecting patients.

To this Bruno Gröning responded, “The financial matters proposed to me in connection with this proposal were such that they were unacceptable to me. Naturally, there were several discussions about this, including with people who wanted to finance this work. I was not able to agree to the proposal from Dr. Professor F. and turned them down because firstly, I do not have a penny to my name, and so I cannot accept any financial commitment which I am unable to fulfill. And secondly, I have never considered making a business out of the entire undertaking. For me it was an impossible request. Besides, I wanted to do only that which belongs to my calling; to help the help seekers and therefore make myself available to doctors such as psychotherapists, but on no account to make a business out of the whole matter.”

Absence of the certificate and potential conflict with the law

Bruno Gröning’s contrary attitude led the professors to lose interest in him. The certificate they had promised was never issued. Instead of providing him with the freedom to continue his work, new obstacles were placed in his way. As a result of the research being carried out, his “healing method” was referred to using words such as “treatment,” “patient” and so on, and thus was judged to be medical practice. A conflict with the law relating to Non-Medical Practitioners Act was thereby inevitable.


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