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Prominent figures comment on Gröning

Foto von Helmut KindlerHelmut Kindler

“Gröning is a unique occurrence and cannot be assigned to any psychotherapeutic or psychology school. I believe he was a deeply religious human being. A humble, credible, good-natured, helpful man.”

Helmut Kindler, publisher

Foto von Anny Ebner von Eschenbach
Anny Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach (re.)

“Based on my own experiences of Bruno Gröning, on my own deep insight into his teaching, on the healings which resulted from it, and on his very wise knowledge, his simple being and devotion to God, and his powerful and confident personality, I will allow myself to make an assessment. Although he has a small body, he is extremely powerful, because he devotes his entire willpower and his unique ability and knowledge to the well-being of mankind.”

Anni Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach

Foto von Bischof Dr. Hermann Kunst
Bischof Dr. Hermann Kunst (re.)

“It turned out that Mr. Gröning did not examine anybody visiting him. I do not know of any case where Gröning physically touched a patient. I have never heard that he advised any ill person to abandon the help of a medical doctor. He also did not prescribe any medication (...). I do not know of any case where Mr. Gröning charged any of the persons treated by him for his help (…). I didn’t regard him as a charlatan. (...) It was undeniable for me that forces radiated out from him which caused healings in people.”

Bishop Dr. Hermann Kunst

Foto von Josef Hohmann
Josef Hohmann (re.)

“Gröning is an extraordinary phenomenon, not to be explained scientifically. (...) One can compare him with Socrates, Jeanne d’Arc, Gandhi and Albert Schweitzer, as he sacrifices himself entirely for the benefit of humanity. His miraculous successes are so unprecedented that he has already risen to the status of an historical personality. Future generations will pay attention to him and his work.”

Josef Hohmann, Headmaster of Secondary School, Historian and Border Scientist, 1957

Foto von Hella Emrich
Hella Emrich (li.)

“Bruno Gröning was completely mistaken and defamed by certain groups because his contemporaries had a penchant for portraying him as a miracle healer. His love of mankind, which was absolutely honest, sincere and genuine, became externally visible in an over-emphasized fashion and so concealed his original and defining character: the Christian, the messenger and the enunciator. There were only a few people who knew the essence of his life’s purpose and aspirations.”

Hella Emrich, Physician


“As a physician, I was so interested in the phenomenon of Gröning that I spent a lot of days, even a lot of nights for many weeks at Gröning´s side. (...) Gröning presents an enigma for us physicians. Firstly, he is capable, through personal contact and very strong concentration, of healing sick people suffering from the worst complaints, or at least of alleviating their suffering, among them even the blind - I experienced this myself. Secondly, Gröning is able to achieve the same success with his so-called distance healings, namely the complete healing or at least a considerable improvement. I witnessed distance healings as well. We, as physicians, can and must learn a lot from Mr. Gröning, for it has been proven in hundreds of cases that the small Gröning has helped and completely healed people where science and medical competence had already failed.”

Dr. Zetti MD, general practioner


“It is an undeniable fact that Bruno Gröning has healed many people who were up to this point considered incurable. Orthodox medical circles are quick to explain that these facts cannot be considered extraordinary as far as psychological diseases are concerned. But we are not told why orthodox medicine has had very little success with this mode of treatment up to now. Or are these cases so rare that one prefers to remain silent? The ‘new method of healing’ in Herford certainly deserves the attention it causes.”

Ph. D. A. Kaul


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