Healing migraine of the eyes

Mario Breuer (40), Kerkrade (Netherlands)

Mario Breuer (40), Kerkrade (Niederlande)

In 1975 I suddenly had severe visual disturbances. Within a few minutes I lost almost all my vision. This condition lasted about half an hour. After that, the attacks recurred about every six months. Later I also got headaches that were sometimes very severe, and I would frequently have to throw up. The headaches and vomiting always occurred immediately after the visual disturbances had stopped. Then the pain would continue all day long. Over the years I gradually started to fear that I would lose my eyesight completely. In general, I was able to control my fear and avoided reading very long because I wanted to take the strain off my eyes. Finally the ophthalmologist diagnosed "migraine of the eyes". He said nothing could be done and I would have to live with it. He, too, suffered from the disease.

Healed by the Heilstrom

It was in October, 1997 that I learned of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. I was able to immediately accept this knowledge and since then have regularly absorbed the Heilstrom. I was amazed by its effect. After my introduction to the teachings of Bruno Gröning the attacks that had continued for more than two decades occurred only in a weakened form. The loss of vision then lasted only a few minutes. The headaches and nausea stopped. Since October, 1998 I have been well. The decades-long fear and the attacks are a thing of the past. Since I have been in the Circle of Friends I also feel the need to read. Today I read one book after the other.

Medical commentary:

Mario Breuer suffered from a severe form of the so-called "migraine of the eyes". After a course of 23 years of continuously severe symptoms with no large pauses, one would expect the ailment to continue for life. The spontaneous improvement after absorption of the Heilstrom is for me, from a medical standpoint, inexplicable.
Dr. Bursch, Opthalmologist


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