Man is spirit

The body is only an earthly shell for spirit and soul

Bruno Gröning lachtBruno Gröning spoke to his audiences about the intrinsic nature of man. “Who are you?” he asked them. Some of them answered by giving their names, for none of them knew what to say. He tried again. “Are you your body?” he asked further. There was no answer. He explained that man has always been spirit, never the body. At birth, God loaned him a body for his life on earth, and when he returned home, he would have to relinquish it again. His soul was the connecting link between the spirit and the body, and it would take both the good and the bad experiences from here into the world beyond. The soul is the bearer of the divine spark, and the instant a person attunes himself to faith in God, the connection to God is established. But if the soul closes in disbelief, the contact with God is severed.

The body is, therefore, not the essential part of man, but merely the earthly shell for the spirit and soul. So when the body dies, this is not the end, as many people nowadays believe. Life continues. It is not bound to the body.

Man is not evil - he succumbs to evil when he neglects himself

Man is spirit, and his body is a gift that God gives him as a tool for his life on earth. A man’s actual assignment is to use his body for good deeds and, with its help, transform good thoughts into actions. Through free will, a person can also misuse his body for evil ends, by stealing, killing and destroying. Through a person’s actions, one can see with whom they are connected, in whose service they stand, in the service of God or in the service of Satan. This does not mean that man as such is either good or bad, but rather, that,

“Man is and remains divine; he is never devilish, never satanic, never evil. But when he withdraws from God and neglects himself, he can be afflicted by evil. Evil takes hold of him, and he is forced into allegiance with it. It is not man who commits evil, but rather the evil. We cannot expect anything good from evil! Likewise, we cannot expect anything evil from God!”

"When he (the person) is too weak, he falls victim to evil. He plunges downwards and lacks the strength to regain the upward path. He falls into the clutches of evil and is at its mercy. If no helping hand comes to drag him out of this situation, he is lost for a considerable time and will have to serve evil.”

Every thought has its effect

It is each person’s duty to keep his body in order. But every negative thought, every angry word and every evil deed has a damaging effect upon the body, which means that if the spirit is not linked to God and yields to negative energy, this can result in illness in the body.

But once the soul opens again to receive the incoming stream of divine energy and connects with the spirit, the body recovers. This is why the individual's mental attitude is so decisive. A healing can never be promised. Everything depends upon the individual himself, on the way he attunes to goodness and takes the teaching of Bruno Gröning to heart. Treating the body can only combat the consequences, but cannot remove the cause. Only the person himself can do this, in that he “turns around”.


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