The "Heilstrom"

Life stream from the divine power source

Bruno Gröning spricht zu den Menschen am Traberhof.

Gröning as transformer between the “power station” God and the human “light bulb”

Bruno Gröning referred to himself as the mediator of a spiritual power that emanates directly from God and brings about healing. He called this divine power “Heilstrom.”

In order to explain the nature of the Heilstrom, he compared God to an electric power station and man to a light bulb. Just as the light bulb can only fulfill its purpose when the current from the power station reaches it, so man can only live in divine order when he receives energy from God. Gröning described his role as that of a “transformer.” He transforms the infinite high, divine energies in such a way that each person receives only as much as he can absorb. His own capacity to absorb energy was unlimited. This was why, on the ‘Traberhof’ property near Rosenheim for example, thousands of people simultaneously felt the healing energy, and mass healings took place.

When the connection between God and humanity was severed

Bruno Gröning explained that originally there was direct connection between the "power station," God, and the "receiver," man. People lived on earth as God's children in the highest unity with their Father. But in turning away from God, they fell out of the divine order and fell victim to want and misery. The connection between God and man was severed. In time, an ever deeper chasm developed, which the human being was unable to bridge by himself.

The bridge over the chasm between God and human being, to a new attitude towards life

Bruno Gröning remarks, “And because man could not return to the divine path because the bridge that led to it had been destroyed, and he and his fellow human beings were crowded together in a miserable little heap and wandered around aimlessly, I have rebuilt this bridge. I have set it up once again. If you make use of it, if you cross over it, you will come to the divine path, and you, too, will be connected with the great, unique, divine work and receive the one and only healing stream, which will enable you to lead a good – and above all a healthy – life.”

“Whoever crosses this bridge and takes the true, divine path will quite different. He will be amazed by everything he finds here, which he was unaware of before. It is here that you will really have the connection to the great, divine Work.”

Whoever follows the teaching of Bruno Gröning and opens himself to the divine energy will feel the healing stream in his own body. A totally new attitude towards life will enter him. Pain, worries and misery will yield to health, harmony and joy. He will come to realize that God is not enthroned as a merciless judge high above the stars, but is here with people as a loving Father and wants to help them. The chasm has been bridged. Once again, man experiences the original state.


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