The "Einstellen"

The correct physical ‒ and mental ‒ attitude for receiving the divine Heilstrom

Bruno Gröning mit HundThe Heilstrom is described by Bruno Gröning as the spiritual power that brings about the healing. He used the terms “healing wave” and “divine power” synonymously. How does a person absorb the Heilstrom and open himself to the divine energy? Bruno Gröning recommended the following body posture: sit upright on a chair, keeping one’s back free. Arms and legs should not be crossed, and the hands, palms facing upward, should rest on the lap. In addition, it is important to switch off distracting thoughts and concentrate on what is taking place in your body. An open, sincere mental attitude is a pre-condition. In this way, a person opens himself for the Heilstrom to flow in. Bruno Gröning said, “God gives us all everything that is good, but we must take in all of what He sends us. So do it!”

He explains the importance of the body posture as follows: “Whoever still has a freely movable body frequently loves to adopt a cramped posture, and that also is a power, the power of habit. He can sling one leg over the other and lounge about, but not when he wants to receive the divine Heilstrom. For this he must be free and sit – or stand – with open, empty hands, palms upward.”

Kurt Trampler (a healed person, journalist and author, and occasional helper of Bruno Gröning) wrote in his book Die große Umkehr (The Great Turn-around): “A seemingly small but very relevant physical matter is important aside from one’s inner preparation. One should sit with one’s back free, and neither legs nor hands should touch each other. In Gröning's opinion, if the hands touch, the result is a short circuit in the upper body. And when the legs touch or are crossed, the result is a short circuit in the lower body. Whoever makes a habit of sitting incorrectly may even, in the long term, develop some very unpleasant illnesses."

Observe what you feel in your body

Bruno Gröning called the conscious absorption of the Heilstrom “einstellen.” Where and when this takes place is not important. What is important is for the recipient to sit quietly, block out distracting thoughts, and pay attention to what is taking place in his body. Bruno Gröning constantly asked his listeners what they felt.

"You have only to do einstellen in order to receive the true, divine transmission. Or, to put it better, attain it. You will determine how to attain this transmission. But I must repeatedly say, this will happen only when you really observe your body, paying attention to what is happening in it, much less to what's happening around it, rather just inside it, in your own body."

Everyone can experience the Heilstrom in their body. For one person it is a subtle tingling sensation; for another it is a feeling of heat or cold. A third finds himself compelled to move his arms and legs, and a fourth may have to shake himself. The healing stream elicits the most diverse reactions in people.


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