The cause of illness

When the connection to the divine power source is missing

Bruno Gröning spricht zu Kranken.

An illness is no coincidence

Many people today believe that illness is a random occurrence that manifests out of the blue and overwhelms a person. But Bruno Gröning said, “The further a person withdraws from God, willingly or unwillingly, the less life there is in his body, and his organs do not function as they should. He has lost contact with the great, divine source of his energy, and eventually he even loses what little remains. Cut off from the power of God, his body becomes a wreck.”

A chasm developed between God and humankind

Gröning described the way a person regains his health as follows: “God created the human being beautiful, good and healthy, which is how he wanted him to be. Originally there was an indestructible bond between God and human beings, and there was only love, harmony and health. All was one. But when the first person listened to the voice, listened to the evil which spoke from beyond this unity, and did what it said, the connection was severed, and a great chasm developed between God and the human being. There is no connection. On his own, a human, no matter how devout, no matter how much he prays, will constantly be attacked on his life’s path by the evil and dragged down into the depths. On your life’s path, you have arrived there, in the depths. You experience misfortune, pain and incurable suffering. I say to you, do not go any deeper. Rather, I summon you to the great turn-around! Come back up, and I will build you a bridge across the chasm. Cross over from the path of suffering to the divine path! On this path there is no misfortune, no pain, and nothing is incurable. This path leads back to God.”


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