Free will

A person decides for himself, whether he believes in the illness or health

Bruno Gröning mit Papageien

An inner debate

If pain occurs during the healing process, it is not always easy to believe in Regelungen. Many people become uncertain. “Are these Regelung pains or symptoms of the illness?” Then begins an inner debate as to whether to give greater credence to illness or to health. This is the moment which determines whether the person is to receive healing or, alternatively, how long the healing process will take. It depends on which belief is stronger: their belief in their illness or their belief in their recovery. If they continue to believe in their illness, they will hold on to it. But if they decide to believe in health, the healing process will take place. The person decides himself.

Healing cannot be forced on anyone. Everyone must freely decide for themselves

This is a vital aspect of Bruno Gröning's teaching. He continually emphasized that man has a sacrosanct free will, the highest gift that God can bestow upon a living being. It raises the human from the level of a condemned creature to that of a free child who follows his Father’s laws, not through force, but voluntarily. Yet the free will also enables him to break the laws of God.

Bruno Gröning had the greatest respect for the individual's free will. This is why he can only help those who allow themselves to be helped, those who are prepared to separate themselves from their illness. He can take from them only what they give him of their own free will. Whoever clings to his illness and thinks and talks about it constantly, will wait in vain for healing. Bruno Gröning said, “I’m allowed to help a person find the good path, but I’m not allowed to make this decision for him, nor am I allowed to force him onto it. Everyone must find their path themselves.”


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