The Great Turn-Around

Separate from illness and believe in health

Tausende suchten die Hilfe bei Bruno Gröning am Wilhelmsplatz.

Mentally engaging with the illness means one is holding onto it

Over and over again, Bruno Gröning appealed to people to change their ways. He reminded them that they had to put their belief in the good into action and desist from bad habits.

Firstly, he urged people not to think about the illness. He pointed out that illness came from the evil and is evil. To engage with it is to occupy oneself with what is bad. This hinders the healing process and may even render it impossible. “To engage with illness is to hold on to it and block the path of divine energy.”

A person should separate themselves from the illness, not regard it as their property, but rather as see it as something evil. “Illness does not belong to the human being!”

Hand the illness over to Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning offered to take away illness from people. “Give me your illness and your worries! Alone, you cannot deal with them. I will bear them for you. But give them to me voluntarily; I cannot steal them from you!”

“If you let go of your illness so that I can take it from you, this is good. If you hold on to it, I am not allowed to do anything. The seventh Commandment forbids it: ‘Thou shalt not steal!’ If I take this illness by force, I would sin. I dare not steal! Whoever loves their illness holds on to it, but whoever can forget about it, I will take it from them, if they give it freely, not just in thought, but in deed as well. You must listen to my words! I don't want to influence you. If you give me your illness, I will take away all your suffering!”

First a person has to achieve an inner turn-around

Just how important Bruno Gröning considered the person‘s change of attitude is illustrated by the following excerpt from the book Die Grosse Umkehr (The Great Turn-around) by Kurt Trampler (a healed person and occasional helper of Bruno Gröning, journalist and author): “In private talks too, Gröning made the firm observation that he was responsible to God, that 'healing through the pure divine energy' could only be given to those sufferers who were at least willing to live according to divine law, and was not allowed for those who were not prepared to give up evil. ‘I could,’ he said, ‘perform a mass healing by saying, ‘All the sick people in a certain city or country get well!’ But then, wouldn’t more be lost than gained? Would those among the sick who were bad be prepared to change their ways? Would they not misuse their newly gained health? No! A person must first change their inner attitude; they must first be prepared to tear out whatever is evil within themselves and find their way to God. Only then are they worthy of being healed.’”

The original man was not ill

The following words of Bruno Gröning clarify this remark and explain the origin of illness:

“How did it actually come about that the human being became ill? The original human being was not ill. People have become bad, worse from generation to generation. The badness had escalated so much that it is almost impossible to live. Quarrels and strife in families, more war than peace between nations! Worries have brought emotional suffering to humanity and have taken such deep root that people are bound to get sick. One person emotionally burdens the next. People are miseducated; they have distanced themselves from what is natural; many have lost their belief in God. But whoever loses the divine path, also loses his health.”

If a person wishes to regain his health through Bruno Gröning, he must be prepared to let go of “evil.” He must turn his back on what is bad – the illness – and part with it, no longer think “my asthma, my rheumatism” and so on. This is not always easy. It demands inner transformation. The person has to change his way of thinking. One shouldn’t habitually think about the illness, but rather believe in health. One must take up the belief that even incurable illnesses can be healed.

“I cannot be understood by the intellect”

What incredible demands Bruno Gröning made on those seeking help! Logical thinking balks at taking such provocative challenges seriously. How can joints deformed by rheumatism return to order? How do paralyzed limbs function again? How is it possible to give Bruno Gröning an illness without him undertaking even the smallest treatment, yes, without even describing the ailment to him? Is this not an insult to every rational person?

Indeed, it is a tremendous change of attitude that Bruno Gröning expects of people; it requires setting aside every scientific, every logical way of thinking and adopting a belief in something higher. His teaching is based on totally different fundamentals than today’s materialistic spirit, which has arisen from intellectual thinking. This is why he often said, “I cannot be understood by the intellect”.


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