The Poles, “Good” and “Evil”

Humanity lives between them and always has the choice

bild23If man, through free will, can make his own decisions, the question arises: what are the alternatives he can choose between? Bruno Gröning comments as follows: “Never forget, my friends, that a person lives between good and evil. He lives between the two. Here is the good, here is the evil. In between is the person. He decides."

The person has the choice. He can do good or evil. If his neighbor is in trouble he can help him, he can ignore him, and he can even exploit the situation for his own benefit. He is free to do as he wishes. Throughout his life, consciously or unconsciously, man is at crossroads and has to choose either the good or the bad path. Most of the time, the events that shape his life are ordinary, everyday matters.

Take, for example, a friendship that is severed because an honest word spoken by a friend has unleashed momentary rage; or a job is given up because of problems with the boss; or a once-in-a-lifetime offer is passed up because of wounded pride. How often are spontaneous decisions made, which are later regretted, but cannot be reversed? A brief moment can decide the course for the rest of the life, for better or for worse.

Constructive and destructive forces

But how does this come about? What do the concepts “good” and “evil” symbolize? Isn’t life a chain of coincidences to which man is helplessly exposed?

Goodness, explains Bruno Gröning, emanates from God. Evil emanates from his opponent, from Satan. Satan really exists and has made it his goal to destroy everything good, everything divine. Bruno Gröning said, “Who is it, who leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to destroy that which is good, that which is divine? Where does illness come from, the illness that attacks everything that grows here on earth? Take what you will, a fruit or another living thing, and again and again Satan tries to destroy everything. He even manages to gnaw on humanity.”

“Satan, who exists on earth, tries by every means to destroy the good and the divine.”

“Where God is, there is love. Where Satan, there is war.”

In the spiritual world, God and Satan are the opposing poles. God is life itself; Satan seeks to destroy it. Both have hosts of spiritual beings at their sides, and the battle rages relentlessly. Both sides command immense energies. Bruno Gröning described them in simple words: “Divine energy is constructive, and the evil, devilish and satanic is destructive.”

Man can absorb them both and allow them both to influence his body, as well as his soul. The one will strengthen him and build him up; the other will weaken and debase him. Positive energy is the carrier of health, negative energy the carrier of sickness.

Illness is not a punishment from God, but rather the result of false thoughts and deeds

Sickness comes from evil, said Bruno Gröning, and is not – as is frequently claimed – a punishment from God. He called such ideas lies and resolutely repudiated them. God does not punish! Sickness comes from wrong thinking and wrong deeds. Once the cause is removed, the effect will also vanish, and this is God's will.

“Do not believe, as people do, that illness is a punishment from God. Compare it to a child who leaves its parents’ home. From then on, the parents can no longer shield him and protect him. We, too, have left our Father. We must never forget that we are simply and solely God's children. Only He can help us! And He will help us once we have found the path back to Him.”


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