The cleansing of the body may at first cause pain

Bruno Gröning in einer Wohnung

The Regelungen are a part of the cleansing process

Some people experience pain when they absorb the Heilstroms. Gröning called this “Regelungen.” It is an indication that a change is beginning to take place in the body. It is caused by the healing stream, and indicates that the sick organ is being cleansed. Kurt Trampler (a healed person, journalist and author, and occasional helper of Bruno Gröning) wrote about this as follows: “Those seeking help frequently are confused by the Regulung pains. But they are necessary. Some people fear they are having a relapse when the Regelung pain occurs and feel they must go to the doctor.” Gröning said, “This is why I draw your attention to this matter. When the Regelung pain begins, bear it patiently. Nothing bad is happening. It is an indication that the person is getting well.”

These Regelung pains can also vary. They may be similar to those of the illness, but more intense. They can also be quite different. Every case is different, as each person’s body reacts individually to the Heilstrom.

The person cannot be spared the Regelungen pain. It is part of the cleansing process, in which the dirt of the illness is removed from the body.

The process of Regelungen

Bruno Gröning explained the phenomenon of Regelung pains by comparing the body to a dirty milk jug. "What," he asked, "needs to be done when the sour, smelly milk in the jug was is to be replaced by fresh milk? First the bad milk must be poured out, and then the jug must be cleaned. It is much the same with the human body. The person must first separate himself mentally from the illness – pour out the bad milk – then the body must be cleansed of impurities - Regelung pains – and only when the vessel is clean can the fresh milk be poured in – health moves into the body.”

In another example, he compared the human being to a fruit bowl. “Take a bowl filled with anything, let's say fruit, which is left to stand for days, meaning, it was left there and no one bothered about it, and no one knew how to look after it, and it went bad. You can't enjoy this fruit anymore. And now someone comes along and wants to give you new, healthy fruit. It would be very stupid to put the new, healthy fruit on top of the rotten fruit, because the healthy fruit would soon be in the same condition as the rotten fruit. If you want to have healthy fruit, then you must first throw away the bad, the unhealthy, the inedible. But not only that: this fruit bowl as such has to be cleaned in order to receive the healthy fruit. Compare this fruit bowl to your body and the fruit to your sick organs. Health is what you wish for, but it is not possible if you can't throw the bad away, in this case meaning, if you dwell upon your illness.”


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