God is the greatest physician

There is no “incurable”

Bruno Gröning am Traberhof

Trust and faith - prerequisites for healing

Only God can truly heal, not man. God is the greatest physician. For Him, there is no “incurable”; nothing is impossible. Time and again Bruno Gröning said, “Trust and believe that the divine power helps and heals!”

All he expects from someone seeking help is the willingness to trust him and to adopt a belief in God, in His healing energy and in his own recovery. If a person can fulfill this pre-condition, Bruno Gröning can help him. And even if the individual’s belief is too weak, he offers his help: “If today you still cannot believe, I want to believe for you, until you truly believe. And if today you still cannot ask, you still cannot pray, I want to also do that for you.”

God is not a punishing judge

And so, through Bruno Gröning, every person, who takes up the belief in health, may receive God's help. Every person is meant to receive help. Man is meant to experience God not as a judge meting out punishment, but as a loving Father. All people are His children and He is their Friend and Redeemer.

Through Bruno Gröning, the human being can once again experience God's miracles. God is the greatest physician and helper for every. Nothing is impossible for Him. Bruno Gröning said, “There is much that cannot be explained, but nothing that cannot happen.”


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